Kate Fox - Kate Fox News (2 stars)

This article is from 2010

Kate Fox - Kate Fox News

A slow news day

Comic poet and newshound Kate Fox sure knows how to sell a story. Her true-life rhymes are plotted out through a series of quirky, attention-grabbing hooks in her show, Kate Fox News: she absconded with a gun-runner, was a gangster’s moll and contemplated selling her womb. These snappy ‘headlines’, however, are made flesh in a fairly arduous manner. There’s no doubt Bradford-born Fox had a difficult upbringing, but her potentially moving and amusing tales of paternal deception, wife-swapping parents and television’s nigh-Godlike presence feel empty.

Many of her observations are tired: a riff on how we adapt to suit our names struggles for impact (Fox herself was previously Gaunt and then Herd: she finds irony in both), while her variation on the ‘Master of the West Kent Hunt’ spoonerism is now pretty ubiquitous. A friendly orator and a celebrated poet – she regularly features on Radio 4 and pens parodic news-related odes – Fox’s lyrical confessionals and her thoughts on current affairs as man-made assemblage, are far from headline-grabbing.

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Kate Fox News

  • 2 stars

Comic poet, stand-up and sometime journalist Kate Fox, anchors her dramatic life story to the big news events. While 'The Satanic Verses' burned in Bradford, Kate hit the local headlines after eloping with a gunrunner. As the Twin Towers fell she was spinning it into a soundbite for local radio. From the Thatcher years…

Kate Fox News

  • 2 stars

The comic poet, stand-up and sometime journalist Kate Fox anchors her life story to big news events.

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