Brazil! Brazil! (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Brazil! Brazil!

Capeoira kicks, samba hips and footie tricks

Brazil! Brazil! is like the fantasy beach party everyone wants invited to. Chilled-out Brazilian beats to rival Astrud Gilberto, buff bare-chested guys wheeling out jaw-dropping capoeira kicks and backflips, voluptuous feather-topped girls in bling bikinis shaking samba hips – and the cocktail cherry on top? Freestyle football champion ‘Arturo’ doing silky tricks that make the ball seem attached to his body by some magnetic force. This is Fringe favourites the Capoeira Kings updated with a World Cup year twist. That World Cup fever has cooled to hypothermia matters not, as this charismatic group weave well-kent tales of Pele and Arturo’s uncanny skills into their usual carnival-style display of drums, song, samba and capoeira, the martial arts form that Brazilian slaves disguised as dance. Like any good beach party there’s an element of chaos in the way the song, dance and chat strands come together. But up-close in the Udderbelly, whirling kicks and snake-hips inches from our faces, they don’t miss a Brazilian beat.

Udderbelly’s Pasture, 08445 458252, until 30 Aug (not 16) 6.55pm, £12.50–£15 (£11.50–£13.50).

Brazil! Brazil!

  • 4 stars

Carnival, football, samba! South American circus, football fever and sizzling samba combine in this spectacular global phenomenon: fresh from a sell-out tour of Australia and London's Southbank. Witness capoeira, the rare and beautiful Brazilian fusion of dance and martial arts, as its masters flip and spin at…