Anatomy of Fantasy (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Anatomy of Fantasy

Impressive if unfocused journey through the subconscious

Anatomy of Fantasy is an appropriately elusive title for a multi-sensory show that, while enjoyable, at times lacks focus.

Award-winning Do Theatre’s intention – to explore those moments when our subconscious gives way to physical expression – is really just an excuse for a series of visceral set pieces, incorporating dance, physical theatre and an angular, industrial soundtrack whose rhythms are created live onstage by a performer heavy breathing into a microphone and flamenco hoofing atop a crate.

The hour-long show runs the gamut of human experience, with the threat of death represented throughout by brandished sickles and scythes. The elegant, sometimes frenetic dance is augmented by stark lighting effects and a recurring motif of blood-red wool. It’s all very stylish and entertaining, but some scenes, such as the one where a man in a nappy rolls around in the cage of his mother’s womb while slide projections show wriggling sperm and dead leaves, are perhaps a little on the literal side.

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, until 29 Aug (not 17), 5.25pm, £12–£13.50 (£11–£12.50)

Anatomy of Fantasy

Triple Fringe First winners, Do Theatre, are back at last! In 'Anatomy of Fantasy' (UK premiere) unforgettable, effortlessly expressive dance touches our emotions and thoughts: human subconsciousness shifts into breathtaking physicality and the virtual molecules of pulsating life join in a mesmerising fantasy that takes…