'Pedantic overlord' Stephen Carlin draws out the details of his show

This article is from 2010

'Pedantic overlord' Stephen Carlin draws out ther details of his show

Board Meeting: Stephen Carlin

Stephen Carlin took 25 minutes to draw his whiteboard. It's not a criticism, but symptomatic of a show born from the brain of (and we're quoting) "a pedantic overlord" which has won him high favour on the comedy circuit with its invention and picked over language. If he takes that long over a picture of a slightly squished football, imagine how thoughtful the show's going to be.

Stephen Carlin: The Podium of the Unconditional Surrender is at the Stand 4, York Place. 8pm 6--29 Aug (not 16). £7/£8

Stephen Carlin: The Podium of Unconditional Surrender

  • 3 stars

With the brooding looks of a young Sean Connery and the mind of a pedantic overlord, Stephen Carlin descends on this year's Fringe with his latest bout of comedic artistry, and demonstrates why he's been picked as a rising comedy star for 2010. As heard on BBC Radio. 'So thoughtful you would put your house on him…

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