Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw set challenge with Fringe comedy show

This article is from 2010.

Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw set challenge with Fringee comedy show

Champion of new music finds comedy feet

Radio 1 returns to the Fringe following last year’s Scott Mills The Musical. DJ Nick Grimshaw was set the challenge of writing a one-man show, with five weeks to prepare. Here, he explains the show he’ll perform this week.

‘Don’t get me wrong – I love to perform; I’m a radio presenter after all. But I’ve never done comedy before, so I’ll be really bloody terrified the night before.

‘It’s quite stressful thinking up an idea – I bombed out a few first. There was talk of Lindsay Lohan: The Musical, How to Solve a Problem Like Marina [and the Diamonds]. Then I realised people love to hate stuff. So I’m going to round up “my top 50 personal hates”. In my top 50, there’s my dad’s lack of grasp on popular culture (who the hell is ‘Trudy Whitehouse?’), overcooked broccoli (can’t stand that stench), Ke$ha and her stupid dollar sign, politicians who try to be hip – I’ll be covering a lot of ground.

‘It’ll be amazing to rant and let off all that negativity — I’m probably going to feel so calm after it.’

Scott Mill’s Radio 1 show will be broadcast live from the Fringe, 16-20 August, 4-7pm. Nick Grimshaw’s ‘Team Hate’ will be broadcast during the show on Tue 17 Aug. Nick Grimshaw’s own radio show follows, 10pm–midnight.

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