The Emperor's Quest: Chinese folk tale with modern flavour (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

The Emperor's Quest: Chinese folk tale with modern flavour

A balance of catchy songs, snappy dialogue and a satisfying moral

The ageing Emperor is searching for a successor, and to help him decide he gives each child in his realm a seed to nurture. We follow green-fingered Ling and her pals, streetwise Soo and fretful Bobo, in their quest to grow the winning flower. Based on a Chinese folk tale, this is a strong Fringe debut from a joint British/South Korean company.

Writers Susannah Pearse and YounYoung Park have fashioned an engaging tale that will appeal to girls and boys aged 4+ alike, with a good balance between catchy songs and snappy dialogue, and a witty, satisfying moral at the end.

For grown-ups, there’s an enjoyable send-up of pushy parenting in Bobo’s bullying, wheeler-dealing father and Soo’s school-gate tyrant of a mother, who launches a website to promote her daughter’s plant (a lovely comic turn from Heather Hunter). Arrive early for an Emperor’s Garden workshop where kids can design flowers for the stage set.

C, 0845 260 1234, until 30 Aug, 11.15am, £6.50—£8.50 (£4.50—£6.50).

The Emperor's Quest

  • 4 stars

The Emperor needs to find a successor to his throne! He gives all the children in the Kingdom a seed to grow and tells them to bring him the results this time next year when he'll pick a winner. Ling loves gardening but even Ling can't work out the mystery of this particular flower... What can it be? International…