Step inside a payphone booth for a spot of storytelling

This article is from 2010.

Step inside a payphone booth for a spot of storytelling

The Invisible Dot provides audiences with a new form of entertainment

What with the Fringe being the Fringe, it’s only right and proper that some of this year’s shows should crop up in the most unlikely of places. And so it is that The Invisible Dot have brought four old British Telecom payphone booths to this year’s jamboree. Installed on four streets across the city – namely the Pleasance, Bristo Square, George St and Chambers St – ‘audiences’ are invited 24/7, to drop in for a spot of storytelling, and can pick up the phone and listen to a plethora of names from Will Self, Mark Watson and DBC Pierre to Simon Munnery, Tim Crouch and Hans Teeuwen in anything from a 3–17 minute tale of their own making. Better still, it’s free.

‘The idea’s been floating around for a while and now felt like the right time and place. It fitted in nicely with the other things we have going on and there’s no better place than Edinburgh to try something like this,’ explains Team Dot. ‘We invited people from the Fringe; comedians and playwrights, and also a variety of people from the book festival. There are a few curveballs in there, a few people playing against type. But it’s panned out well, there’s a real mixture and everything’s entertaining.’

And Team Dot are sure it can add something a wee bit special to this year’s Fringe.

‘We set out to provide entertaining short stories by Festival names via phone boxes. We wanted them to look good and entertain all sorts of people. That seemed good enough to us and that’s why we did it. We hope it works.’

The Invisible Dot Club - By the Sea

'The Invisible Dot Club offers themed nights featuring a quixotic mix of stand-up, sketches, music, art and video, including the promise of live endoscopies' (Guardian, 2009). Secret line up at a secret location by the sea. More information at Ages: 14+

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