LuckyMe decamps to Cabaret Voltaire for the Festival

This article is from 2010

LuckyMe decamps to Caberet Voltaire for the Festival

American Men will be one of the acts playing at Caberet Voltaire

David Pollock talks to the Glasgow-based record label/art collective

This has been the most important year yet in the evolution of Scottish electronic label LuckyMe, and this third annual Edinburgh Festival event featuring their friends, collaborators and signees should be the perfect showcase for local supporters and new fans in waiting to see what they’ve been up to. It’ll go some way to beat their party of the year, though.

‘We had our own stage at [Barcelona’s] Sonar festival,’ says the label’s boss Dominic Flannigan, ‘a real prime-time spot at the climax of the festival, playing to a crowd of between eight and ten thousand people. It was a nice validator of everything we’ve been working towards, that we can all do an event together and play music which spans lots of genres and lots of sensibilities, but that it all has the innovative and fun character of LuckyMe.’

LuckyMe has been around in one form or another for eight years, its first incarnation being a hip hop night at Stereo in Glasgow run by Flannigan (an Edinburgh native who was at Art School in the west at the time), Ross Birchard (now better known as Warp Records artist Hudson Mohawke), Martin Flyn and Mike Slott. Influenced by ‘electronic music, forward-thinking rock music and the osmosis of Glasgow’, LuckyMe would broaden out into an Art School-affiliated group of musicians, producers, DJs and artists interested in releasing records, promoting parties and art-directing for the music and fashion industries.

‘The original idea of LuckyMe was as a DIY collective from Scotland,’ says Flannigan, ‘that could become a leader in a couple of industries which are normally very London-centric. We looked at things like Seattle’s rock scene, for example, in that we wanted to make something out of strength in numbers.’ In the years since things have gone from strength to strength for LuckyMe, now clearly defined as a record label, with releases earlier this year by leftfield guitar outfit American Men and New York producer Machinedrum adding to a catalogue which also includes EPs by Hudson Mohawke, Mike Slott and Nadsroic.

Hudson Mohawke and American Men will be two of the main attractions here, as well as the label’s The Blessings (Flannigan and Flyn’s joint alias), Éclair Fifi and Dema. That’s not all: for a mere fiver, Edinburgh’s Festival crowd will also be treated to Jackmaster (Glasgow’s Jack Revill, one of the men behind Scotland’s other clubbing success of the last few years Numbers), Glasgow grime artist Taz Buckfaster, visuals from Flannigan and Konx-om-Pax, and more.

Now living back home in Edinburgh, Flannigan waxes lyrical about the city’s club scene past and present, and about the studio LuckyMe have on the north-west of the city. He feels that the city is ‘there for the taking’ for a new night that might wish to rise and follow in the footsteps of classic Edinburgh clubs gone by, ‘but maybe it’s a generational thing, maybe people think of Cabaret Voltaire the way I used to think of the Venue.

‘But I don’t know, I heard Kode9 [Scottish founder of seminal London dubstep label Hyperdub] on a radio show in New York a few months back saying he thought Pure at the Venue was the greatest club he ever played. I feel privileged to have been a part of that.’ Although he stressed the international nature of their business, it’s a city lineage to which Flannigan’s label deservedly belongs.

LuckyMe, Cabaret Voltaire, 220 6176, Fri 13 Aug, 11pm–5am, £5.


The scene setting taste makers at Glasgow record label/art collective LuckyMe head over to Edinburgh for more hip hop, dubstep, nu wave, house, 80s soul and funky abstract beats.

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