Allan Brown will discuss Inside the Wickerman

This article is from 2010

Allan Brown will discuss Inside the Wickerman

His batty book analyses the cult classic

Inside the Wicker Man is a cinema lover’s dream. The book is packed with fascinating trivia from the horror classic it explores, along with in-depth analysis and humour; and it’s a pleasure to find its author Allan Brown just as funny in everyday parlance. ‘I’m rather dreading it in a way,’ he says of his festival appearance. ‘The thought of people hiring babysitters and paying cash just to come out and hear me speak fills me with a crippling embarrassment. I’m astonished that such a prestigious event considers this film worthy of such recognition. At the same time, it is quite an amusingly batty book, I hope, and I do tell a good anecdote about a BBC researcher, so it all balances out.’

The Glasgow-based, award-winning writer and critic will discuss his cult work at the event, where he will also be joined by two actors who appeared in the film. There may even be some debate about the long-awaited sequel The Wicker Tree. But Brown doesn’t hold out much hope for it. ‘I doubt I’ll enjoy it. It looks like a hybrid of Catweazle and Take the High Road. It’ll just be an anagram of the original film.’ Most pressing concern for him is that he will be left high and dry in front of a room full of Wicker Man devotees. ‘Actors are reluctant to commit to anything further than a day away, unless it’s work,’ he quips. ‘I’m hoping the prestige of the Book Festival lures them in the end. But it may just be me in a series of fetching wigs.’

Peppers Theatre, 0845 373 5888, 14 Aug, 8.30pm, £10 (£8).

Allan Brown

First published in 2000, Inside The Wicker Man became something of a cult – just like the film it discusses. In a new edition, it shows that despite a disastrous filming process, the film retains an enduring fascination for critics and fans alike. Allan Brown will be joined by two actors who appeared in the film and who…