Garth Nix kicks off this year's Book Festival

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  • 6 August 2010

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Garth Nix kicks off this year's Book Festival

What he has in store and why fantasy is making a comeback

Garth Nix, the bestselling Australian author of young people’s fantasy fiction, is both honoured and alarmed that he’ll be kicking off this year’s Book Festival with its very first session. ‘I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be talking about yet!’ Nix says. ‘I tend to tell stories, drawn from a repertoire of tales that I’ve developed over the years and only do as spoken pieces. I have a new one I’ve been working on.’ Nix will also be talking about how he goes about making stories up and how he then writes them down, and he’ll be reading from his latest book, Lord Sunday, the seventh and final book in The Keys to the Kingdom series, before taking questions: ‘Interestingly, it is often the younger members of the audience who ask the most sophisticated questions.’

Speaking of which, why does Nix think the current renaissance in young people’s literature has been focused on fantasy? ‘Much of this is down to JK Rowling and Harry Potter,’ Nix says. ‘But like most social phenomena it is impossible to work out why fantasy has become so attractive to readers, though one theory I have heard is that it is a reaction to the technological world we now live in; we seek out the wonderful and mysterious in fiction.’ Was that what got Nix interested? ‘I grew up in a house full of books and parents who read, which led to me to reading from a very young age. And reading seemed to naturally progress to writing.’

RBS Main Theatre, 0845 373 5888, 14 Aug, 10am, £4.

Garth Nix

We open with a bang this year: an exclusive visit from one our Antipodean friends, the engaging Australian fantasy writer Garth Nix. Hear all about his gripping The Keys to the Kingdom series, and about the last book: will Arthur Penhaligon find the secret of his own identity without getting (too) damaged? Come and find…

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