Breakdance and Streetdance Championships at the Fringe

This article is from 2010.

Breakdance and Streetdance Championships at the Fringe

Peter Maniam of Moving in Circles on dance competitions

Peter Maniam of Moving in Circles tells us why Castle Rocks Breakdance Championship and Set It Off Streetdance Championship should have our heads in a spin.

5 things you love about breakdancing.
The physicality – B-Boys and Girls push their bodies to the extreme, with nothing more than their own physical ability, blood, sweat and tears; the controversy – breaking has no governing body so judges rely on their own experience. Decisions often lead to controversy, and spontaneous grudge battles can happen when you least expect it; the music – from soul, funk, Latin, disco and hip hop, there’s such a rich tradition of great music that b-boying has helped to popularise and preserve; the blow-ups – a quick, explosive move that appears to come from nowhere - it might be a flip, trick or freeze; the community – fierce rivalries have always existed in breaking, but behind the bravado there is a very tight-knit community who enjoy training, sharing and partying together.

4 reasons people should come and see Castle Rocks and Set It Off.
The atmosphere at Castle Rocks is one of the best at the Fringe; Set It Off is a brand new streetdance choreography competition with lots of short, high-energy, exciting routines; the workshops at Dance Base where you can learn from our international guests; the shows are action packed – you’ll hear great music, witness jaw-dropping moves and get caught up in the dancefloor drama!

3 other dance shows you’ll be checking out at the Fringe.
Brazil! Brazil!; Cargo; and I’ll definitely head into Dance Base because they always have a great range of work on.

2 words to sum up the atmosphere at a battle?
Unpredictable; dramatic.

1 thing people should know about Moving in Circles?
We love hip hop dance culture and are passionate about it being projected in the correct light without watering it down.

City Edinburgh, 226 0000, 14 Aug, 1pm (Castle Rocks); 21 Aug, 1pm (Set It Off), £9–£10 (£9)

Castle Rocks Breakdance Championships

This is Scotland's biggest breakdance event. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, it has become one of the Fringe's most exciting and dynamic events. Expect fireworks as the world's top bboys and bgirls lock horns and battle it out for the coveted title. And if that's not enough, Moving in Circles will hand-pick and invite…

Set it Off! Street-Dance Championships

The producers of 'Castle Rocks Breakdance Championships' present a new funk-filled fiasco, 'Set it Off!' Watch as some of the best urban dance crews go head to head in this street-dance contest spectacular, jam-packed with guest showcases and performances making it a must-see event for all the family. Crews from around…

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