Pantha du Prince at Sneaky Pete's and Oran Mor

Minimal techno joins dots between alpine forest and the dancefloor


This article is from 2010.

Pantha du Prince at Sneaky Pete's and Oran Mor

‘A girl once crawled onstage behind me, and was constantly holding my trouser,’ shudders Germany’s Hendrik Weber, alias techno forager Pantha du Prince. What fate befell this tactile fan? ‘I explained it would be better for her to leave because I could not move,’ he explains. ‘After a while she noticed that I was not very amused and went away.’

On this evidence it’s quite hard to imagine Pantha straddling club-rock mythology, but that is not to detract from his knack for glacial electro of every stripe: minimal techno, chillwave, house and folk delineate his current album, Black Noise (Rough Trade). He’s also a rebel, in his own way: his mum and dad were a music teacher and singer respectively, but his inherent cultural impetus has always been to ‘maltreat’ the piano. Was this a rage against their traditional art? ‘My ideas were in creating new worlds.’
These worlds exist somewhere betwixt alpine forest and urban dancefloor – although the twain are interchangeable, according to Pantha: ‘the wandering around finding strange creatures, light, darkness and sounds: all somehow in-human,’ he sagely notes.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Fri 13 Aug; Sneaky Pete’s, 0844 499 9990, Sat 14 Aug, 7pm, £10.

Pantha Du Prince

German electronica artist Henrik Weber, who is influence by Detroit techno, minimal techno and early 90s shoegaze bands.

Pantha Du Prince

German electronic music producer and DJ Pantha Du Prince brings his minimal tech-house style to Edinburgh as part of his UK tour. Hendrick Weber, also known as Panthel and Glühen 4, has been performing as Pantha Du Prince since 2002 when he debuted with four-track EP Nowhere. Since then, he has garnered critical…


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