The Loose Screw promises a sexy gypsy midnight music party

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  • 5 August 2010

This article is from 2010.

Five questions were put to Denise Black about her new band

The Loose Screw promises a sexy gypsy midnight music party

5 words I’d use to describe my show
Sexy gypsy midnight music party.

4 things I bring on tour
Guitar, pedal steel, busking licence… and I can’t do without my virtuoso guitarist Graeme Taylor, who was a long-haired rockstar in the 70s with folk rock band Gryphon when I was but a girl. We play with my old busking partner Max Moonlight — a guitar genius who plays pedal steel that makes your hair stand on end. We’re playing at midnight and once you’re up that late it’s foolish to go to bed without a real blast, not to mention a dance – so it turns into a late-night party with special guests (Elaine C Smith, Peter Straker, Des O Connor, John Moloney are all signed up) not to mention hula hoopers, can-can girls and more.

3 shows I hope to see in Edinburgh
Mika – he’s the best and the worst in one; very excited about The Not The Incredible String Band. And I like the look of The Tiger Lilies.

2 things you probably don’t know about me
I was a singer before I acted and sing with a gypsy spirit — passionate and funny. I made my living as a singer for eight years before I got on telly and The Loose Screw is the third band I’ve brought to Edinburgh. A recession ago we sold out at the Assembly Rooms and the then brand new Gilded Balloon.

1 rumour I’d like to start about myself
I’m dynamite in bed. It’s not spurious. I’m a great screw. If a little loose…

Denise Black’s Loose Screw, Pleasance at Ghillie Dhu, 556 6550, Aug 15–29, 12.15am, £10.

Denise Black's Loose Screw

Denise Black has worked as classical actress and singer, dipped her toe into television celebrity ('Coronation Street', 'Queer As Folk'). Meanwhile Gryphon guitar genius Graeme Taylor bunked school and toured the world. Now Den abandons Ken to host a midnight party with Mr GT and friends. Sexy humour and heart pumping…

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