Cento Cose marks multimedia dance debut for physical theatre collective

This article is from 2010.

Cento Cose marks multimedia dance debut for physical theatre collective

Award-winning look at day-to-day life with Aphex Twin score

Italian physical theatre collective Compagnia della Quarta’s multimedia Fringe debut is based on the idea that there are ‘cento cose’ (‘one hundred things’ in Italian) that contemporary life requires us to do each working day.

‘We started with “we do, therefore we are – or are we?”,’ says director Stefania Bochicchio. ‘We seem to find our identities through the repetition of the same acts. We live our lives like a videogame. What would happen if we didn’t?’

Cento Cose’s three desk-bound performers are forced into repetitive movement by an Orwellian authority figure on-screen and an Aphex Twin-heavy soundtrack. It may sound nightmarish, but evidently touches a chord: it won the company the Prix Mise en Scene at the Theatre Festival Mont-Laurier in Canada last year, and Bochicchio suggests it’s not all doom. ‘A lot of humour finds its sneaky way through the important themes of the play. Like real life.’

The Zoo, 662 6892, 6–30 August, 8.30pm, £7.50.

Cento Cose

Challenging and entertaining like real theatre should be, CENTO COSE explores through physical theatre the hundred things we do every day, even though they stand between who we would like to be and what we are forced to do. Few words, three players, an Orwellian projected presence, a stompingly good soundtrack, lots of…

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