Booking Dance Festival showcases 12 US dance companies

This article is from 2010.

Booking Dance Festival showcases 12 US dance companies

10-minute canapés of American dance

The festival within a festival returns to the Fringe for the second time, bringing dynamic performances from our friends across the pond. The Booking Dance Festival showcases 12 US dance companies over two programmes, with each one given ten minutes to impress an audience.

Booking’s executive producer, Jodi Kaplan, first spotted a gap in the Fringe for this type of event a few years ago, while studying in Edinburgh. ‘I noticed that dance was a peripheral art form within the Fringe and Scottish culture,’ she says. ‘And I dreamed of returning to Scotland and bridging the American and Scottish dance communities. Booking is one step towards reaching that goal.’

The festival’s programme is split over four genres – beautiful, lyrical, rock it and athletic – to encompass the diverse talents of the dancers and choreographers. Kaplan hopes both dance lovers and the uninitiated will enjoy this glimpse into the American dance scene. ‘It’s incredible to see the human body sculpted in time and interpret music,’ she says. ‘Dance is a universal art form that is the heartbeat of art.’

Venue 150 @ EICC, 0844 847 1639, 8–22 Aug (not 16), times vary, £10 (£8).

Booking Dance Festival 1: Beautiful

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Booking Dance Festival 2: Lyrical

Week One - Split Bill: Enticing, exquisite, extraordinary, exhilarating, hypnotic, awe-inspiring dance from two top NYC companies - Michael Mao Dance rocks with spectacular multi-cultural fusion while Christine Jowers rolls as a sensational dancing goddess! Christine is pure elegance as she takes the stage in her dance…

Booking Dance Festival 3: Rock It!

Week Two - Festival Showcase: More dance 'festival-within-a-festival'! An explosion of blast-off movement in a dazzling, high-energy contemporary production. Watch the best, most innovative American dance artists 'Rock It'! Bite-sized festival format. Be incredibly moved! If you like 'Week One: Beautiful', you will love…

Booking Dance Festival 4: Athletic

Week Two - Split Bill: Awe-inspiring rock'n'roll blitz from Freespace Dance plu hilarious take on social partnering from 'Ballroom Dancing for Tough Guys' plus percussive explosion from Michael Mao Dance equals one superb, sublime, sensational show! Unforgettable! Fun! These three top USA dance artists will turn you…

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