Broad Comedy

This article is from 2010.

Broad Comedy

If Broad Comedy could achieve one thing with their work, what would it be? ‘Orgasm. Wait, we’ve done that.’ So says the charmingly cheeky Katie Goodman, an actress/writer/director who, along with her husband, playwright and actor Soren Kisiel, came up with the concept of these six side-splittingly funny women known for their sketch comedy, musical satire, left-wing politics, women’s issues and x-rated japes. ‘Seriously, I think we want to kick the culture’s ass a bit about what women can and cannot say,’ she explains.

This is Broad Comedy’s debut Fringe appearance and Goodman is giddy at the prospect of bringing the show’s ‘high-energy, smart, sexy, silly fun’ to Edinburgh, promising ‘a lot of songs and some rap mostly focusing on women’s issues and the state of the world. We lampoon American politics and cultural shenanigans like the abstinence-only education movement, parenting, and basically do it all in a raunchy-but-smart way. I love quick punches. Get in, say your shit, get out. I think that’s what we do. We have been wanting to come to the festival for about ten years. What the hell has taken us so long?’

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, 7–29 Aug (not 17), 9.45pm, £12–£14 (£11–£13). Previews 5 & 6 Aug, £5.

Broad Comedy

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Sexy, smart, irreverent, high-energy sketch comedy and musical satire that made these American comedians a national sensation with sold out audiences in LA, Boston and New York. Led by the 'multi talented femme extraordinaire' (LA Examiner), Katie Goodman, this show has 'sharp writing, playful performances and impexxable…

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