Mini Profile: Vive Le Cabaret

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  • 3 August 2010

This article is from 2010.

Mini Profile: Vive Le Cabaret

What’s that then?
That would be a nightly cabaret show, hosted by Des O’Connor.

Seriously? Mister Take Your Pick? Des & Mel, Des O’ Connor is coming to the Fringe?
Actually, no. ‘It’s not the orange-faced one off the telly,’ points out Vive Le Cabaret’s producer, Julie Ann Laidlaw. ‘Our Des O’Connor comes with white panda face paint, and wears a white suit. He’s a musical comedian, and king of the burlesque scene. He hosts the night, and sings songs with his ukelele.’

Ah. Surely that must cause confusion
‘Yes, but not as much as Sarah-Louise Young. She’s another guest performer, and does cabaret comedy. If you Google her without the hyphen, you’ll get a retired porn actress. The hyphen is quite crucial.’

I see. So it’s not porn, or a game show. What exactly should we expect?
‘It’s a chance to see the best of the best of the Fringe, in one enchanting evening. No two shows are the same, and we’ll be having guest spots from comedian Phil Nichol, chanteuses Ali McGregor, Meow Meow and plenty more. Burlesque artiste Gypsy Charms will be performing ballet burlesque, Mr B ‘The Gentleman Rhymer’ will be doing his ‘chap-hop’, plus there’s circus tricks, comedy, music, dance. A little bit of everything really.’

Where’s this all happening then?

‘At Ghillie Dhu – the Fringe’s dedicated cabaret venue, and a really glam, glitzy setting for an amazing, fun night out. They do table service too – so you can sit back and enjoy the show as a bottle of wine makes it’s way over to you from the bar.’
Laidlaw, you might just have yourself a deal...

Vive Le Cabaret, Ghillie Dhu, 556 6550, 7–30 Aug, 9.30pm, £12.50 (£10.50). Previews until 6 Aug, £7.50.

Vive Le Cabaret

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