Sean Hughes - Ducks and Other Mistakes I’ve Made

This article is from 2010

Sean Hughes - Ducks and Other Mistakes I’ve Made

Youngest ever winner of Perrier returns to Fringe

Who’s he then?
Sean Hughes was the youngest ever winner of the Perrier back in 1990 at the tender age of 24. At the time he was told that he would be inundated with big-money offers and would continually be swept away to fancy dinners. He moaned that in the wake of this victory, the only call he had received was from his flatmate apologising for eating his Twix.

He’ll have done loads of TV since then?
Indeed, and they range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Sean’s Show was a wildly playful postmodern sitcom on Channel 4, which paid its dues to two of his heroes, Morrissey and Samuel Beckett, while he’s also appeared in Coronation Street, teamed up with Peter Davison in The Last Detective and gave his voice over to a toy shark in kids’ show Rubbadubbers.

What’s his show called this year?
It’s Ducks and Other Mistakes I’ve Made. Intriguingly, or otherwise, he’s playing the Gilded Balloon’s Debating Hall at 8pm up until the 19th. The night after, another Irish Perrier winner, Tommy Tiernan, takes to that very same stage for his run.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, 7–19 Aug, 8pm, £14–£15 (£12–£13). Previews 4–6 Aug, £10.

Sean Hughes - Ducks and Other Mistakes I've Made

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After selling out in 2009, Sean Hughes has been on the road for a whole year and has been perfecting his new show. At its absolute peak, he brings it to Edinburgh for two weeks only! A household name with his dark, explosive style of quick-fire audience banter who has appeared in endless TV shows. Sean recently returned…