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  • 3 August 2010

This article is from 2010

Meow Meow - Feline Intimate

Avant-garde cabaret star ready for Edinburgh 2010

1 rumour you'd like to start about yourself.

I don’t need to. I'm much too busy cultivating the ones other people have concocted on the topic of me. They are much more inventive, thankfully. Life should always be that sensational!

2 things we probably don't know about you

You probably don't know them for good reason, dear readers. Let sleeping cats lie, I say. There is one secret I will divulge for very little incentive: I am much much younger than I look. ( I know, I know. How is it possible?)

3 shows you hope to see in Edinburgh

I can’t wait to see my darlings of the Pina Bausch company, but our schedules are so ridiculous I may just have see their tech (and give them notes of course), and have Martini love-ins apres les shows. So many other darlings will be in Edinburgh. I will get some healing with the wild Wau Wau Sisters' Last Supper, and my punk cabaret pals the Tiger Lillies. Miss Behave's The Crack goes without saying - we're in the same gorgeous Mirror Tent. (sneaky slipping a fourth in, aren’t I, oh List arbiter of numbers!)

4 things you bring on tour

My own follow spot. One is never fully dressed without one. (and one never knows when an impromptu song and dance extravaganza may happen).

Hot musos from my 'orchestra of wild dogs' - this time in the form of the dreamy New York maestro Lance Horne on piano and Alon Ilsar on drums. They're virtuosic and very versatile!

Stalkers and paparazzi (inevitable, I'm afraid, they cannot resist the fascination of the Meow! I seem to be an arty magnetic adoration field. If only they would bring more tangible, practical gifts, instead of whispy rondeaux and a-tonal songs of longing!)

Inscrutable, unruffleable baggage handlers to wrangle all of the above, and get me a speedy exit if necessary! 'Arrive, devastate, escape' is our M.O. It's just better for all of us.

5 words you'd use to describe your show

I hate to limit myself, but here we are: Excessive, exquisite, arousing, avant-avant-avant-garde and de rigeur (a must). That's Feline Intimate in a sexy nutshell.

Assembly @ West Princes Street Gardens, 0131 623 3030, 5--29 Aug (not Mon), 8pm.

Meow Meow - Feline Intimate

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A star of the Olivier award-winning 'La Clique' and favourite of David Bowie and Pina Bausch, purr-fect postmodern diva Meow Meow's unique brand of kamikaze cabaret kitsch and performance art exotica has hypnotised, inspired and terrified audiences worldwide. 'The spectacular crowdsurfing queen of song drags cabaret…


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It is on Saturday 14th August.

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