Lady Carol - Malady

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  • 30 July 2010

This article is from 2010

Lady Carol - Malady

We asked the singing, ukelele playing, dark-humorist five questions

This ukelele lady has an inky-black sense of humour, and can turn the sweetest of love songs into a creepy stalker anthem. Just, please, keep her away from bright light and cakes.

Five words you’d use to describe your show
Sad songs, silly stories, sauce.

Four things you bring on tour
My ukulele, hair curlers, evening gown and my passport (which I check is present daily).

Three shows you hope to see in Edinburgh
Carey Marx, Tiffany Stevenson and The Crack variety show.

Two things we probably don’t know about you
My great aunt was the first woman in Co. Athlone, Ireland, to wear trousers.

As I child I was allergic to sunshine and had to avoid being in it as much as possible for fear of my skin breaking out in a rash. I spent most summers indoors or in a cold bath.

One rumour you’d like to start about yourself
I hold the world record for eating the most cakes, sweets and pastries in one sitting. Having completed the task and added 273 desserts to the previous record I promptly vomited into Roy Castle’s Trumpet.

Lady Carol, Malady, Assembly @ George Street, 623 3030, Mon 9 Aug–Sun 15 Aug, 8–9pm, £10. Lady Carol will also be appearing at the first Ukelele Cabaret, Maggie’s Chamber, Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters, Cowgate, 622 6801, Mon 9 Aug, 8.45–11.15pm, free.

Lady Carol: Malady

After triumphant shows at Sydney's Opera House, a brief return visit to Edinburgh from Fullmooner's Lady Carol. 'Utterly intoxicating' ★★★★ (Time Out); 'I long for a CD' ★★★★★ (Scotsman); 'A unique, funny and intimate portrait through story and song' ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks). Ages: U