Taste returns to Edinburgh's reopened Liquid Room

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  • 4 August 2010

This article is from 2010.

Taste returns to Edinburgh's reopened Liquid Room

The Liquid Room's Sunday regulars are back

1: It’s their 16th birthday
Taste have been making Mondays messy with their Sunday night of club cuts for 16 years, a massive milestone in the often fickle world of clubbing.

2: Fisher & Price are an Edinburgh DJing institution
Sixteen years running one of the capital’s most loved gay-friendly, open-minded club nights, Fisher & Price have honed their DJ skills to keep the dancefloor hot and sweaty with their underground club mix and blissful beats. In the words of resident Mark Price, Taste is ‘friendly, hedonistic, vibrant, euphoric and unique’.

3: The resident duo are also backed up by regulars Miss Chris and Rick Palys
‘They are all passionate about the music they play, they’re technically excellent, they know how to rock the dancefloor and they don’t take themselves too seriously,’ adds Price.

4: They’re back where they belong
We’ve been waiting ages for the Liquid Room to reopen (it was closed for 18 months because of a fire in the Indian restaurant situated above the club) and thank the lord it’s back for the Festival with regulars like Taste, Evol, Musika, Luvely and Madchester back where they belong.

5: They can’t wait for the Festival
‘I love the multicultural mix of people that it brings to the city, the variety of entertainment that’s available and the way the whole city comes alive,’ says Price.
The Liquid Room, 225 2564, 11pm–5am, Sun 8 Aug, £6 (£5 members)


Fisher & Price (plus Marco Capozzella, Martin Valentine and Steven Wanless) provide an eclectic mix of the very best in underground dance music and classics.


1. Anthony Miranda3 Jun 2016, 6:12pm Report

Is taste 21st anniversary sold out? what about NYDP?

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