Vladimir McTavish - The Idiot's Guide to Whisky

This article is from 2010.

Vladimir McTavish' Idiot's Guide to Whisky

The first in a series of whiteboard show introductions

In the first of a regular festival series we’ve asked a comedian to draw the essence of his or her festival show on our List festival wipeboard. This summer Vladimir McTavish is teaching the world about whisky. Well, kinda. In a show originally called Whisky: An Eejit’s Guide (but changed to Idiot’s for the bloody tourists), the stalwart of the Scottish comedy scene takes a trip through the nation’s favourite export, via a beautiful ‘tribute’ to Ian Rankin. McTavish might down a fair bit of malt during the performance but he promises to leave a drop for an optional tasting after the laughs die down.
Whisky: An Idiot’s Guide is at the Stand 4, York Place. 6.50pm. 4–29 Aug (not 16, 23). £9/£8.

Whisky: An Idiot's Guide

An in depth look at the nation's favourite drink with comedian Vladimir McTavish mixing stand-up, story telling and film.

Vladimir McTavish in Whisky: An Idiot's Guide

  • 3 stars

After 2009's sell-out success looking at great icons of Scottish history and culture, 'Scotland's top satirical stand-up' (Morning Star), now turns his attention to our national drink. An illustrated tour round whisky country and a hilariously sobering look at drink and its role in the Caledonian psyche. An Eejit's Guide…

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