White brings a show for toddlers to the festival

This article is from 2010

White brings a show for toddlers to the festival

Understanding how childrens' minds work

White is a show born out of an understanding of, and fascination with, the way toddlers’ minds work.

Co-creators and performers Andy Manley and Ian Cameron have kept the story and language simple, while the set has been built with award-winning puppeteer and designer Shona Reppe’s eye for fine detail. Extending beyond the performance space out into the Scottish Book Trust gardens, White gives keen-eyed little ones a chance to spot some of the show’s motifs among the trees.

The central story is of two men who live together in a white tepee, in a white world, looking after white eggs that drop from the sky. They fastidiously sweep away any bits of colour that find their way into their environment, until one day a red egg arrives. ‘There are real dilemmas and truthful emotions,’ explains Manley. ‘And it’s quite surreal – but then I think two to four-year-olds live in quite a surreal world.’

Traverse @ Scottish Book Trust, 228 1404, 6–29 Aug (not 9, 14-16 & 23), 10.30am, £6 (£5). Preview 5 Aug, 10.30am, £4.


Especially for two to four-year-olds. Come with us into the sparkling world of 'White' where everything is bright and new. It gleams, dazzles and shines in the night. But someone has to keep it that way and there's a problem. All anyone can think about in this white world is red…and yellow…and green…and blue… 'White' is a…