Bobby & The Graverobbers - the alternative story of Greyfriars Bobby

This article is from 2010.

Bobby & The Graverobbers - the alternative story of Greyfriars Bobby

Scottish history panto-style tale twists the classic legend

It’s a little known fact that Greyfriars Bobby was not a cute wee Scottie with ‘a Morningside accent and a tartan tammy who ran a couple of Edinburgh marathons and was always carrying old people’s bags’, Bob Skeldon tells us. Oh no, he was a much more scabby dug, with a set of false teeth nicked from a granny and a sideline in helping out Auld Reekie’s most murderous pair, Burke and Hare.

At least that’s the truth Gaither Roond Stories are touting this month in a Scots panto that manages to pack in a ceilidh, a somewhat anachronistic outbreak of plague, a bit of black market trading, and a body count to rival Taggart into its 50 minutes. The light-hearted send-up of the tartan tat experience promises plenty to keep young eyes and ears busy: from chamber pot humour (woe betide the audience member who doesn’t heed the call of ‘gardyloo!’) to gruesome masks and a fair scattering of stick-on boils.

Alba Flamenca, 226 0000, 9–29 Aug (not 14-16 & 21), 11am, £6 (£5).

Bobby and the Grave Robbers!

Bobby and the Grave Robbers! Scabby dugs and mair cadavers than you kin shake a shovel at! Dinnae believe a that tourist nonsense, gie yer bairns a wee taste o whit wis really gaun on! Gaither roond and hear the Greyfriars Bobby story told with a total disregard for Hollywood or The Scottish Tourist Board! Immerse…

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