Phil Nichol gives us a warm welcome to Crazytown

This article is from 2010.

Phil Nichol gives us a warm welcome to Crazytown

Comic's 2010 Fringe show promises 'dark poetic theatrical jazz silliness'

Last August, Phil Nichol unveiled his new creation Bobby Spade and we gave him five big ones. Here, he repays the favour by chucking us some answers to our Q&A

What five words best describe your show this year?
Dark poetic theatrical jazz silliness.

Which comic should be more famous by the end of August?
Carey Marx is consistently one of the most progressive-thinking, hardest-working and under-rated joke writers in the business. He is quite simply a very funny man.

What bugs you most about Edinburgh in August?
There should be fairer, cheaper rents for the performers.

Which dead comic do you wish was still alive and working today?
George Carlin. He was someone with something to say in an industry full of observational lightweights.

Is there a rumour you’d like to start about yourself?
I hold the Guinness World Record for the longest note held on a tuba: 7 minutes 42 seconds.

The Stand, 558 7272, 6–30 Aug (not 16), 6.50pm, £10. Previews 4 Aug, 10pm; 5 Aug, 7.40pm, £9 (£7).

Phil Nichol: Welcome to Crazytown

  • 4 stars

January 19th 1974, legendary Beat poet Bobby Spade performed his magnum opus ‘Welcome to Crazytown’ at Baltimore’s famous jazz club, Bertha’s. That show ended in near tragedy. Phil Nichol recreates that event. 'Welcome to Crazytown' is a semi-autobiographical masterpiece of poetic story-telling that explores the dark…

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