Stalwart of deadpan John Moloney back at The Stand for Edinburgh Fringe

This article is from 2010

Stalwart of deadpan John Moloney back at The Stand for Edinburgh Fringe

A traditional stand-up returns with hope in his heart

As a stalwart deadpan of the comedy circuit, you don’t expect John Moloney to be the most expansive of interviewees. He seems to live up to that preconception by leaving my question unanswered about whether he was bothered by being on the original Channel 4 top 100 stand-ups list in 2006 but not again in 2010. However, despite his dispassionate stage persona, he seems relentlessly positive about his first appearance at the Fringe for a decade, a hiatus caused mainly by bringing up his kids. ‘They’re up and running now, and coming with me this year.’ With the family box ticked, Moloney was in a position to take up an offer he could not refuse: playing The Stand. ‘It’s one of the best clubs in the world and has a great comedy ethos. I like the idea of playing on a nightly basis to comedy-savvy audiences.’

Promising ‘an hour of traditional stand-up comedy in the most traditional sense’, Moloney feels that the comedy scene that grew up around him is not one that has left him behind or bemused him, as might be the case with many ‘old-timers’. Quite the opposite in fact: ‘The domestic and global comedy scene is improving all the time with brilliant new acts, as well as brilliant established comedians doing their stuff. It’s just getting better and should be celebrated for that reason.’

The Stand II, 558 7272, 6–29 Aug (not 16), 9pm, £10 (£8).

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