Poignant preview

This article is from 2010


A bold, imaginative retelling of three Argentinean tales

As if getting into bed in the dark with strangers wasn’t intriguing enough, Micaela Tettamanti’s 45-minute show Poignant features one of the smallest audiences on the Fringe (only four are admitted at any one time) and has no actors or stage to speak of.

From a bedroom you’re led to a park bench near to where a football match is taking place, and from the bench to a circus stall. A set of headphones and an MP3 player are provided to help you navigate three rooms. Numerous small groups will encounter the rooms on a 15-minute rotation throughout the day, as Argentinean director Tattamanti retells, through projection and sound, three Argentinean tales: Julio Cortázar’s House Taken Over, Eduardo Sacheri’s Overhead Kick and Elsa Bornemann’s An Elephant Takes Up a Lot of Space. ‘It started as an idea for an arts installation and just grew,’ says Tettamanti. ‘I wanted to create a journey filled with horror, drama and comedy, where your own feelings and those around you become the main characters. Each room creates a very different experience, I hope people will enter and enjoy it.’

The Melting Pot, 226 0000, 6–28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22), times vary, £5.


  • 3 stars

No stage. No seats. No actors. Become part of a new genre where sensations are the main characters. Discover a different culture through this bold retelling of three Argentinian stories that will captivate the imagination. Experience horror, drama, music and comedy all in one. Are you ready to walk by yourself in a dark…