Improvised comedy group Q-Fusion playing the long game

This article is from 2010.

Improvised comedy group Q-Fusion playing the long game

August gigs at Laughing Horse Free Festival

You may not have heard of Q-Fusion. They have avoided the crusty tracks undertaken by most comedy troupes and, rather than crawl through grotty backroom venues, they had their debut gig in a solo show at Glasgow’s Highlight. It’s unconventional to slam-dunk into such a big venue, but this group of improvised comedy performers is taking a more theatrical approach to a career: practising in workshops and then launching themselves straight onto the (relatively) big stage. One of the devisers of the idea, Paul Crommie, explains the workman-like attitude that led to the group’s creation. As he worked on a (serious) production last year with Colin Healy, the pair decided that ‘there was not enough work, or chance for performances, so we should make some’. A few months later they were holding open sessions in Glasgow, leading to a core group of 17 hopefuls, who’ve been honing their craft since February.

Q-Fusion stands out from other improv groups by combining what Crommie calls ‘short and long-form games’. The audience is initially presented skits based on audience suggestions, like a high-pressure dinner party with performing monkeys and a stagelight. These are followed by long-form games, which means leaping off a higher cliff, shoved by an idea which then leads to a 40-minute play, complete with plot, scenes and characters.

Q-Fusion is keen to keep up the momentum, and will be found lighting up the Laughing Horse Free Festival programme over August. In an industry where the lack of opportunities is a much whinged-about subject, this enterprising team is set to elbow slower competition out of the way with ambition alone. One of the benefits, maybe, of thinking on your feet.

Highlight, UGC Building, Glasgow, Thu 22 Jul

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