This article is from 2007.

Dystopian future set to a different beat

Scottish company Vanishing Point excels at this sort of storytelling; small, glowing moments of human truth woven into huge imaginative concepts. Their last production, David Leddy’s Home Hindrance, guided a tiny audience around the home and memories of a dead man, as recounted by his wife, friends and lover. Subway may be set in an Edinburgh of 2032, policed by the nightmarish sort of faceless authority one often encounters in dystopian futures, but it’s equally home-bound, equally concerned with the personal. This time the flat belongs to Scruggs (CATS Best Actor winner Sandy Grierson), oppressed and on the point of revolution not just against the system, but his own attitudes.

The spectre of urban artist Banksy looms large over the production, and director Matthew Lenton admits that he’s hoping to recreate something of that punk aesthetic, the wry two fingers at authority, as Scruggs begins to take ownership of public spaces. His weapon is music rather than a spray can, though; supporting characters, scenery and atmosphere are generated by a live seven-piece band the company encountered, serendipitously, in a Kosovan nightclub.

Traverse 3 (Drill Hall), 0131 228 1404, 15–26 Aug (not 20), times vary, £16 (£11). Preview 14 Aug, 11am, £11 (£5).

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