Seven shows featuring doctors at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010

This article is from 2010.

Dr George Ryegold

Are any of these medically-monikered acts for real?

Dr George Ryegold
Not on your nelly, but this character act is the most convincing on the Fringe with his very detailed tales of the terrible, frankly ugly things that can go horribly wrong with and to the human body. The distress caused one watery-eyed press wag to dub him a really weird yet oddly appealing mix of Jim Jefferies and Stephen Fry.

Dr Peter Lovatt
The invitation he sent out was to ‘come to the “psychology of dance” show and find out why we were born to boogie’. Only a real doctor who wears tweeds and that would ask young people to ‘boogie’.

Doc Brown
Nope, it’s just a reference to his geekiness.

Doctor Brown
Nah, he’s wearing swimming goggles in his publicity shot: would you trust him with a needle?

Dr Bunhead
Given this kids entertainer’s pyrotechnical tendencies, it could be that the good doctor is merely touting for business.

Dr Ettrick-Hogg
He has an assistant called Wudwud and a show about ‘manly specimens’.

Doctor Faustus
He’s on at both the C venue and the Underbelly. No wonder they talk about being overworked. At the very least, someone could send them on their way in the morning with a pact lunch.

Dance Doctor, Dance!

  • 3 stars

Come into Dr Lovatt's DanceLab and find out why you boogie. Peter Lovatt (University of Hertfordshire) is a psychologist and dancer and his one-man show is based on the science of dance (as seen on TV in the Graham Norton show and numerous media features). This is a fun, engaging and interactive show where Dr Dance will…

Dr Bunhead is Volcano Head

TV's most extreme scientist reveals nature's most spectacular science displays; volcanoes, tornadoes, thunder and lightning... live on stage. Expect huge bangs, giant clouds, fire tornadoes, floods and more. Umbrellas and extra strong underpants advised. Unsuitable for the nervous. Health warning: may cause serious…

Doctor Faustus

In a grimy Whitechapel garret at the end of the 19th century, John Faustus - scholar, anatomist, lunatic - signs away his soul. Cambridge University's leading theatre company presents a nauseously comic, visually stunning production of Kit Marlowe's most famous play, incorporating physical theatre and spectacle to explore…

Dr Ettrick-Hogg Presents Manly Specimens - Free

Learn the art of manliness with Dr Joseph Ettrick-Hogg and his enigmatic assistant, the comedian, Margaret Wudwud, as they draw you into his informative, if warped, world. Whenever possible they will be joined by the manliest specimens of Fringe stand-up they can entice to perform that day. 55 minutes of…

Doc Brown: Unfamous

  • 3 stars

Being human, we all have a desire to be special, to leave our mark. But how far would you go to be remembered? What’s so special about human beings anyway? Witness a lifetime of extremes as Doc recalls the remarkable events that for him should have spelt infamy, but only spelt unfamy. What led Doc to leave behind crowds…

George Ryegold: The Ordeal of Dr Ryegold

  • 3 stars

The Malcolm Hardee Award nominee returns. Pioneering stand-up comedy from the eminent physician and polymath. 'As sick as Jim Jeffries, but with the vocabulary of Stephen Fry... some of the most hilariously bad taste lines of the Festival' ★★★★ (; 'Piercing our brain sacks with images and similes which will…

Dr Faustus

Roll up! Roll up! Enter if you dare. Behold the fall of the Magnificent Dr Faustus. Step inside our Hall of Mirrors, play sleight of hand with Greed, have a toffee apple with Gluttony but beware the temptation of Lust. A contemporary take on the classic play Dr Faustus, incorporating a mash-up of a number of performance…

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