Night Time

This article is from 2007.

Noir thriller

When you think back, you might feel regret for some of the choices you made in your life. Careers are one thing, but choices made about love are perhaps even more significant. ‘You spend a long time thinking about making a decision, a very short time putting into in to practice and a long time suffering the consequences,’ says director Lorne Campbell.

It’s an idea that’s intrinsic to Selma Dimitrijevic’s new play. ‘It’s about a woman stepping away from her home, her husband, her life and into the arms of another man,’ says Campbell. ‘We’ve created a very rich, yet simple world inspired by a sense of noir with a sophisticated clean script; it’s real without being realistic. The play says a lot about the perception of men by women and vice versa.’ In a continuation of a theme explored by Dimitrijevic in her last visit to the Traverse, with her contribution to 7:84’s Re:Union, there’s much exploration of language here. ‘Listening, communicating and hearing what you want to hear are central to the play,’ says Campbell. This one looks set to be a hot ticket, so cut the decision-making time down or you might miss out.

Traverse 3: The University of Edinburgh Drill Hall, 228 1404, 2–26 Aug (not 6, 13, 20), times vary, £16 (£11). Preview 1 Aug, £11 (£5).

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