Eva Cassidy – Songbird

This article is from 2007.

Eva Cassidy’s music was virtually unknown outside her hometown of Washington DC during her lifetime. She died in 1996 and in 2001 her album Songbird was discovered and became a huge hit, selling in excess of four million copies worldwide. There’s another chance to enjoy the magic of Cassidy’s songs in this show where Hayley Clare utilises her own honeyed tones to deliver her own take on the subtle genius of Cassidy’s work.

Assembly Universal Arts, 623 3030, 8.50pm, £12.50–11.50 (£11.50–10.50).

Eva Cassidy: Songbird

Hayley Clare takes you through the life and music of Eva Cassidy.


1. Dave Paul14 Dec 2016, 3:39am Report

I'm not sure who is in the photo on this page, but it is NOT Eva Cassidy. I assume it is Hayley Clare, but it would have been appropriate to provide a caption. (And yes, I realize this was posted in 2007.)

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