Angus and Julia Stone

This article is from 2007.

Travis-endorsed, sibling pop madrigals

When they’re not being unreasonable or scrapping over ridiculous things, brothers and sisters can often make beautiful music together. Just look at the Von Trapps. While they may not count ‘The Lonely Goatheard’ among their repertoire, Angus and Julia Stone are one such example of a successful sibling songwriting partnership, raised in a musical family in Sydney on a diet of The Beatles, The Eagles and Van Morrison.

After collaborating together at open mic nights around the city for years the pair finally formed a band in early 2006 and soon moved over to London where Fran Healy took them under his wing and helped with production duties on debut album A Book like This, allowing them to record at his home studio and use his 18th century grand piano. Known for their folky, acoustic guitar-backed melodies and woozy harmonies, this Edinburgh visit should be a laid back affair, and if rumours are to be believed, a certain Travis frontman may even make an appearance.

T on the Fringe, Cabaret Voltaire, 0870 169 0100, 8 Aug, 7pm, £7.

Julia Stone

One half of the fey, folksy sibling duo from Australia.

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