Glenn Wool

This article is from 2007.

Confused Canadian in serious trouble with his identity

Having missed Glenn Wool in Ireland on a day that he played three gigs and one football match, I eventually track him down to Amsterdam, where he’s spent two days balancing stand-up with the sit-down distractions of beer and ogling Dutch women. ‘Let’s rip the shit out of this interview!’ he cries. Yet, as we begin discussing his Fringe appearance in the children’s play Onomatopoeia Society III, the Canadian starts pleading: ‘Brain trail-off! I’m a guy who’s trying to create an onomatopoeic dictionary for the world,’ he ventures of the show, written by comedian James Campbell. ‘It’s a lot of words about words that I don’t really understand. It’s always difficult when you’re in a play and you don’t know what it means.’

After living in London for 11 years, the 32-year-old is undergoing an identity crisis about whether he’s ‘English, Canadian or just Glenn’. The confusion provides the background to his new stand-up set, Promises, Promises, but he believes his bewilderment won’t set him apart in August. ‘You have to put it on a spoon for people in Edinburgh because they’re generally a bit thick. It’s a huge arts festival and many performers take it very seriously. But when you see what really makes audiences laugh, it’s the simple things. EVERYONE IN EDINBURGH IS DUMB! Print that big!’

Underbelly, 0870 745 3083, 4–26 Aug (not 14), 9.40pm, £10–£12 (£8–£10). Previews 2 & 3 Aug, £5.

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