Andy Ofiesh's favourite nude moments

  • 31 July 2007

This article is from 2007.

Andy Ofiesh's favourite nude moments

Andy Ofiesh is the man behind the Naked Comedy Showcase in which performers tell jokes in their birthday suits. Here, he picks his favourite nude moments in culture

1 Puppetry of the Penis
Other than my own, it’s my favorite naked comedy show that I’ve seen. I wanted to audition for the New York show, but the only figure I know how to make with my penis is an acorn.

2 Spencer Tunick It’s incredible to me that he can get thousands of naked people together for a photograph. With that many people, the individuals are lost in the photos, and the eye can only make out textures. And I thought it was hard to get a half dozen naked comics to do a show.

3 Red Hot Chili Peppers
They have a reputation for occasionally playing in just a tube sock or completely naked. Performing naked can make you feel like a rock star. If you are already a rock star then it must make you feel like something that is twice as cool as a rock star that only rock stars know about.

4 The Full Monty Regular guys getting naked. It’s one thing for an Adonis-like male stripper or a hippie performance artist to do it, but for an unemployed steel mill worker to do the full monty, well that takes balls of … never mind.

5 Running of the Nudes PETA’s answer to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. I’d rather be run over by a nude than a bull. As for being gored, I’d pick neither.

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