The Bad Plus

This article is from 2007.

Collaboration is the name of the game for Dave King and co

He’s already familiar to Edinburgh audiences as the drummer in the Bad Plus, alongside pianist Ethan Iverson and bassist Reid Anderson. But Dave King is also featured in another equally unconventional jazz-rooted trio, Happy Apple, featuring saxophonist Michael Lewis and bassist Erik Fratzke.

Both bands will be featured in separate gigs, before joining in a collaborative project under the name Bad Apple. This is new ground for all five musicians but, as Dave King explains, convention is not what these guys are about. ‘We totally disdain the concept of what is appropriate. With both bands it’s more about the personalities than the instruments, and the openness and iconoclastic nature of what we do. ‘The sound is created by the idea that we are all not-focused-on-one-kind-of-music people. Everyone comes from such different life experiences, and we all meet as improvisers in the field of jazz.’ Even if the Bad Plus have never repeated the impact of their Festival debut in 2002, the chance to hear them alongside Happy Apple should be a memorable one. (Kenny Mathieson)

The Bad Plus, the Hub, Castle Hill, Royal Mile, 31 Jul, 7pm, £16 (£14); Happy Apple, Bosco Theatre, George Square Gardens, 1 Aug, 8pm, £12; Bad Apple, Bosco Theatre, George Square Gardens, 2 Aug, 8pm, £15. Call 0131 473 2000 for tickets.

Happy Apple

Dirty, melodic but tough jazz from these Minneapolis natives with a taste for punk and funk. 'Part of the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival'.

Bad Apple

The Bad Plus and Happy Apple ?- they share drummer Dave King as the common link -? join forces for a huge amalgamated jazz experience. 'Part of the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival'.

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