2007 Fringe programme unveiled

  • The List
  • 7 June 2007

This article is from 2007.

This year’s annual jamboree of arts, culture and divine silliness comprises a record-breaking 2050 shows.

The highlights include ‘Venus as a Boy’, a National Theatre of Scotland exploration of sexuality, and ‘Teenage Kicks’, a play examining the life of the late John Peel. ‘Stonewall’, presented by Team Angelica, looks at the 1960 Manhatten Stonewall Inn Riots, which were a major catalyst in the progression of gay rights.

David ‘Black Watch’ Greig brings two Scottish stories to the ‘Festival: Damascus’ - examining the East/West clash - and ‘Yellow Moon’, an exploration of disaffected youth. The indefatigable Mark Ravenhill will be putting on ‘Ravenhill For Breakfast’, a 30-minute Paines Plough production written and rehearsed the day before performance.

Comedy highlights include Reginald D Hunter’s new show, ‘Fuck You in the Age of Consequence’, Phil Jupitus and Andrew Vincent re-imagining ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in ‘Waiting for Alice’, and Mark Watson’s ‘Can I Briefly Talk to You About the Point of Life?’

The Festival is also bulging with musicals. They include ‘Tony! The Blair Musical’, ‘Tony Blair: The Musical’, ‘Chav: It’s a Musical, Innit?’, ‘Asbo: The Musical’, ‘Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical’, ‘Orgasm: The Musical’ and ‘Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision’.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday).

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