Unknown Album (1 star)

This article is from 2009.

New play promises much but delivers little

Four disparate characters’ lives are briefly touched by one song. It’s a simple premise that could deliver much, but this production of Fred Gordon’s play lacks direction and ultimately loses its way amid one too many clever stage manoeuvres.

Themes of grief, sexuality and the pressure to be who we’re not play out against the boy-band soundtrack that supposedly unifies us all. But the truth is the song isn’t very good, and in the end the characters just come across as confused, self-pitying and awkward -- much like the show itself.

Run ended

Unknown Album

  • 1 star

An obsessive songwriter, a repressed boyband member, a grieving step mother and a student troubled by her own conflicting ambitions, all linked by the soundtrack which lurks in the background of their lives. Four roles intertwine and unravel within a dynamic set which evolves as they enter and affect each other’s…

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