Tim: Against All Odds (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Tim: Against All Odds

Having reached the conclusion that the Tim's of the world tend to be a little boring, unnaturally unlucky and generally have little to boast about; our hapless hero Tim is relentlessly determined to buck the trend and make a credible name for himself, shaking off the curse surrounding his name. Bravely staring danger in the face, Tim and his trusty, more handsome and charming sidekick Maxwell Thor retell the tale of how he managed to slay a beast, row half way across the Atlantic and woo the love of his life.

The comedic show sees the two men boldly sing from inside the crowd and get each and every audience member involved with the show, even going as far to name one of them Tim and celebrate the liberation now attached to being called so. The stars of the show are charming and funny in equal measure marking for a truly entertaining and adventurous show.

Run ended

Tim: Against All Odds

  • 4 stars

Throughout history, there have been no winners called Tim. No heroes called Tim. One man has vowed to change that. His name is Tim. 'A laugh a minute' (Sun, Edinburgh 2008). www.roaringboys.co.uk

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