Stuck in a rut (2 stars)

This article is from 2009.

For many of those students graduating in the centre of recession, the prospect of unemployment and mountains of debt to repay is a very real and current problem. This show is very loosely based on the dire situation much of the class of '09 are facing and attempts to understand who is to blame.

Unfortunately they cover this subject for all of five minutes in an hour-long show. The rest of time is spent stating the obvious in the life of a partying student and ends with a cringeworthy airport romance scene. Utter nonsense.

Run ended

Stuck in a Rut

  • 2 stars

Lauren has been living like there's no tomorrow. Suddenly she is forced to face reality in a touching, funny and physical drama. The Stage must see, award-nominated ensemble of last year's festival return.

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