Catch (3 stars)

This article is from 2009.

A show surrounding the upsurge in the mail order bride industry is, if nothing else, an bizarrely original concept. The show incorporates comedy, dance, acting and, ahem, simulating oral sex with a suitcase, in an attempt to understand why people resort to finding a bride online. The shows main focus is on the two gentlemen of a certain age who are travelling to Russia to partake in a 'social event' with prospective brides to be. All is not as simple as it seems for the unlikely Lotharios however, who are warming up to present themselves well and catch the eye of a lovely Russian or two.

The main theme of the show (if there is one?) seems to be love and relationships, why people feel the need to validate themselves with an other's company. Other issues which are briefly and subtly touched upon are the class divides, with the two main characters clearly at different ends of the social ladder, briefly exploring the values each hold in relation to relationships and the idea of a mail ordered bride. Also the corruption and materialistic nature which surround the industry are also the subject of the partially flawed concept on which the production is based. One niggling aftertaste is that the show fails to reach any form of conclusion on the many questions which are raised, with the exception of one, this being that finding love is not as easy as buying it on the internet.

Run ended


  • 3 stars

Two western men. Two tickets to Russia. Wanted: perfect wife. Devised in Moscow and based on true events. The brides that brought you 'Skolka' - 'Physically enthralling' (List), **** (Scotsman) - now remove their veils to tell the men's story.

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