Bamboozlement (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.


Not the first act to blend comedy and magic in the same show, although they may just be the youngest. Unusually dressed, in lapels and dinner jackets along with finely tended facial hair, makes these boys look more like Amish school kids than magical beings. The show relies heavily on audience interaction, doing so impressively and with much charm and wit. Card tricks are on the menu along with some more complex mind-bending trickery. At times it is difficult to understand if the tricks are real or not, with the entertainers joking as to how genuine they are actually being, although it would seem this is more to inject humour than to downplay their abilities as magicians.

There are some tense moments to the show involving nails which have the audience squirming in their seats as well as truly mind boggling tricks involving biscuits and books. The children amongst us, as well as the adults, are clearly impressed by the performance and the close of the show proves that, if there was any doubt, they are 100% genuine about their mental magic gift.

Run ended


  • 4 stars

An evening of magic, mystery and whimsy. Magical duo Morgan and West demonstrate their powers of dupery, hoodwinking and confabulation in this Victorian parlour magic show. Hold on to your top hats, there's not a white rabbit in sight!

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