The Other Side (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.

The Other Side

Tackling some of the hefty political issues that exist between Israel and Palestine is no easy task when we consider the immense and often brutal circumstances of the conflict between the two nations. However, this is done very cleverly by The Other Side, which also offers some rational solutions to ending the conflict which do not involve military measures. In the play, we are granted intimate access to the families whose lives are traumatic on a daily basis, whose children have died in bomb blasts and the families who have to face the consequences of their son taking people's lives in terrorist attacks. The families struggle to make sense of why the countries they live in are at war with each other, and, through a chance phone call, the sides are brought together, finding solace through talking over the issues they are faced with, and coming to realise that their realities are not that different from each other.

The stage production is handled well, with props slickly moved to alter purpose and allowing the actors to move seamlessly between their many characters. The structure of the play is such that it jumps back and forth in time, allowing the audience to see families before and after their lives have been rocked by political violence and murder. The heartfelt soundtrack which accompanies many scenes adds to the intensity of the play, bringing with it a great sense of authentic middle Eastern atmosphere, and making the issues at hand all the more real for the audience.

Gilded Balloon Teviot. 2.45pm, until 31 Aug

Other Side

  • 4 stars

A wrong number, an unlikely connection - based on astonishing true accounts of reconciliation from the Middle East. This physical jigsaw blends superb acting, cinematic storytelling and haunting soundtrack - weaving between kitchens, hospitals... and the morgue! 'Riveting' (Stage).

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