5 Questions: Terry Alderton

  • The List
  • 26 August 2009

This article is from 2009

5 Questions: Terry Alderton

Terry Alderton once played in goals for Southend FC before turning to comedy. There’s nothing in our Q&A he can’t handle

What five words best describes your show this year?
No format, just full on.

Can you name a comic who should be more famous than they are now why?

What bugs or delights you most about Edinburgh in August?
The weather bugs me; it delights me to play to bright minds.

Start a rumour about yourself …
I’m upper middle class and educated.

Which dead comics do you wish were still alive and working today?
Max Wall: someone who could make people laugh by just walking. Michael Bentine: so creative and an unsung hero. I’m old enough to remember Potty Time. Tony Hancock: the original Larry David, who I also love. Laurel and Hardy: a cliché but I loved them as a kid and still love them now, timeless. Dave Allen: it’s always nice to watch people just being good at what they do regardless of their content or topics. Allen was poetic, effortless, cutting, candid and gentle.

(Interview by Brian Donaldson)

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, 27–30 Aug, 9.30pm, £11 (£10).