Shed Simove (2 stars)

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This article is from 2009.

Shed Simove

This is, if nothing else, unique. In Ideas Man, the nerdy Simove discusses his novelty products and occasional Gorman-esque stunt with an ungainly arrogance. There are some truly funny gems but the slick PowerPoint and overbearing posters make this a witty corporate speech, rather than a contender in the competitive comedy programme. Intriguing subject, awkward performance and a show which defies definition.

Belushi's, 226 1446, until 30 Aug, 7pm, £5.

This article is from 2009.

Shed Simove: Ideas Man

  • 2 stars

Jimmy Carr says: 'Shed is a cross between Anthony Robbins and Woody Allen'. Paul Kaye says: 'We'll see Shed on Jonathan Ross within a year'. A groundbreaking show based on the best-selling book 'Ideas Man'.


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