Aaron Barschak (1 star)

This article is from 2009.

Aaron Barschak

In this monstrosity of a show, Barschak's tasteless jokes - crudely handling 'shock-factor' issues such as the Holocaust, terrorism and incest - are made worse only by his self-delusional conviction that he is vaguely humorous, and the fact you are paying for the privilege. Are you going to hell? He demands to know. No, no Aaron, I'm fairly sure I'm already there.

The Merchants' Hall, 220 5911, until 31 Aug, 10.15pm, £8 (£5).

Monsters From My Id

  • 1 star

The child of Aaron Barschak, the comedy terrorist, who gate-crashed Prince William's 21st birthday, dressed as Osama bin Laden in a pink ballgown. It examines Hitler's art, Stalin's poetry, religion, and the evil within all of us.


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