G3: The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek (3 stars)

This article is from 2009.

G3: The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek

The damp, scruffy interior of The Caves seems like the ideal location for this brave and occasionally sinister sketch show. As accomplished actors, the members of G3, are able to effortlessly embody the many characters they create, ranging from a scarecrow to a paedophile. However, the trio's comic achievements are undermined by the show's disjointed atmosphere, stimulating an audience frustration that's ultimately hard to shake off.

Just the Tonic @ The Caves, 208 0882, until 30 Aug, 4.10pm, £6.50-£10.50 (£8-£9.50).

G3 - The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek

  • 3 stars

Hysterical sketch comedy. Great characters, surrealism, silliness, 80's power ballads and 90's icons. With individual comedy credits from 'Little Britain' to 'Run Fatboy Run' not to mention a Fringe First - guaranteed hilarity!


1. shonamac26 Aug 2009, 10:03am4 stars G3: The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek Report

This show is ace!!! The sketches were really funny. Short and fast moving with great punchlines. And if there is a sketch that you don't like as much then you've only got a few seconds before you get another one. I've seen the show twice now and the audience all love it!!!

The atmosphere the reviewer talks about was created by a big drunken roudy stag party the day the reviewer was in! They constantly walked in and out and held their own conversations and then one began flicking the ears of other audience members which did make it hard to concentrate and changed the atmosphere a lot. I kept turning round to try and make them shut up (which a lot of people were doing) and missed some of the action on stage. But it was still really good and the audience did really like it. I went back to see it again to see it with a better atmosphere and it was even better.

I think it's very harsh to judge a show because of a big group of drunken yobs. The show has been selling out (I couldn't get a ticket for the saturday performance, and it's a massive venue) and it says on their flyers that they've added extra shows for the final weekened so that tells you how good these guys are. It's the only sketch show I've seen this year that made me laugh out loud, A LOT! (much more than Idiots of Ants as well)

ALSO, anyone reading the review might want to consider the fact that the same reviewer gave the Geordie's (Paul Charlton) play 'Crush' at the Underbelly three stars when two days later it won a FRINGE FIRST AWARD and every other reviewer gave it four stars! Just read this morning that the play has now been nominated for the the CAROL TAMBOR BEST OF EDINBURGH AWARD as well. And the other reviews I've read for G3 give them four stars.

So who do you believe? Every other reviewer and publication, or this one person who obviously has a different take on things than the rest of us!!!

2. Helen1 Sep 2010, 11:56am Report

On the day I saw this, there were no stag parties in, just a varied group of people including some with children.

This was the second worst thing I saw all Fringe (out of around 70 shows), after Sam Simmons. After all the hype I expected something of the standard of the excellent Penny Dreadfuls, but I was to be sorely let down.

The GG&G seem to have no clue who their target audience is. The level of comedy is so predictable and puerile that you think it must be aimed at small children, but the language and subject matter of some sketches then makes you think it can't be.

The vast, vast majority of the 'sketches' were just rehashes of tired cliches at best and completely bewildering pointlessness at worst. I can't imagine the three of them sat down together to plan this show and not one of them thought, hang on, is this not maybe a bit shit?

The three were extremely unlikeable, and their characters poorly thought out and acted.

I got out a notepad and pretended I was reviewing the show, just so that I could doodle on my pad and stop watching. Had I not been right on the inside of a row, I'd have got up and left.

Absolutely appalling waste of time. Their massive appeal is as mysterious to me as that of Kevin Bridges. I guess a lot of people just like lazy, tired, cliched crap.

3. MARK FREEDMAN12 Aug 2011, 2:00pm Report

just seen this stupid woman's comment! the kevin bridges comment is a good berometre of how removed from most people's sense of humour this woman is. don't like kevin bridges ey? obviously its the rest of us (the millions of people who do like kevin bridges) that have the sense of humour problem. saw the ginge geordie geek show in 2009, 2010 and this year and they were all brilliant, but then there's always one weirdo in every crowd.

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