Phil Kay: London Aye! (5 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Phil Kay: London Aye!

The crowd are in hysterics from the start

In many ways, Phil Kay is the spirit of the Fringe. He’s a manic, funny, shambolic, Scottish, hairy hobgoblin of an exhibitionist, and embodies any adjective you care to ascribe to the festival. Witnessing his performance at midnight in amidst the revel of happy drunks is an electric experience, and the crowd are in hysterics from the start.

Kay talks of the birth of his first child, and life as a Scottish comedian in England (a tenuous link to the title of this show) but it’s not as much what he says, as how he says it. His rapid fire delivery, which often goes off into tangents of the surreal, cajoles the audience into the impossible task of keeping up with him. Match this with a physical performance of frolicking, gurning, playing guitar, and getting naked, (before falling off a chair onto his all too obvious arse,) and the exuberant storytelling meets high energy clowning. Kay is a veteran, but nothing has mellowed him over the years. If you’re sick of Phil Kay, then you’re sick of the fringe.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, Until 30 Aug (not 24, 25) 11:45pm, £11-£10(£10-£9).

Phil Kay - London Aye!

  • 5 stars

An intimate geological study of underlying rock formation and composition and stories of what a comedian gets up to after hours and full of beans: falling off Arthur's Seat... storming the Castle naked... thrown out of his own venue three times...

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