A Tribute – Gielgud’s Ages of Man (3 stars)

This article is from 2009.

A Tribute – Gielgud’s Ages of Man

Billed at two hours, George Innes rushes to complete his tribute to Gielgud on time, losing several impatient people halfway through. It’s a shame; while his Romeo lacks youthful vigour, Innes is an imperious Prospero, and reads Gielgud’s letters with infectious admiration. Good, but a poor fit for the Free Fringe.

Laughing Horse @ The Outhouse, 557 6668, until 30 Aug, 12.15pm, free.

Tribute - Gielgud's Ages of Man

  • 3 stars

Half a century later, Innes returnsto the Fringe with a new production from off-Broadway following Gielgud's chosen path. Journey from youthful Romeoto ancient Lear in delicately interwoven Shakespearean sonnets and speeches.

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