Borges and I (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Borges and I

Stick with this lovely piece about the power of reading through the first scene and you’ll find an astonishingly accomplished young company, crafting an entire interactive set out of inscriptions carved into second hand books. There’s beautiful movement, an utterly charming love story, a proper reverence for words and an intense, multi-sensual examination of the fears of going blind.

The Zoo, 662 6892, until 28 Aug, 5.30pm, £7 (£5).

Borges and I

  • 4 stars

A library, a chance meeting, a collision of worlds. An exploration of the human capacity to love through the stories of Jorge Borges, his life, and his readership. 'Engaging physical drama' (Scotsman) - Idle Motion, 2008.

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